Note to self:

Never put pretty white hand towels in a bathroom that little boys will be using. I would post a picture, but if anyone is queasy at the sight of blood, I’d hate to be responsible for you passing out and hitting your head on something.


Kitties love Christmas too

Miracle on 34th backstage

Well, the Macbook is home so I will be posting regularly again! Yay! Here are just a few pictures from Miracle on 34th. I will probably post more later as I get them.


I hate it when people go weeks without posting, especially when it’s me. I wanted to do a post about some things that have happened since I last wrote.

First of all, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We decided to eat at my house this year since we have more room than mom and dad (and we have a dishwasher!!), and we thought we were going to have 19 people eating this year. We actually ended up with 23 because 3 of my cousins from Atlanta and a friend of theirs decided Wednesday night that they were coming too! It went off without a hitch, the food was great as usual (thanks to mom).

Robyn, Renee, Aunt Carol (mom’s sister) and I left at 4:30am to go shopping on Black Friday. Mom and Granny usually go, but mom stayed back with Granny this year and they caught up with us at O’Charley’s for lunch and some of us stayed in WR and shopped until 4 that afternoon. Robyn and I were wrapping presents later in the evening and while we were wrapping, my granny suddenly started feeling really tired and weak. To make a long story short, she passed out at the dining room table and we called 911 (at first we thought she’d either had a stroke or died!) The ambulance took her to the hospital where they determined that she has an irregular heart beat and that’s probably what caused it. They got home around 1am and my aunt took her home to S.C. the next day. She’s seen her Dr about it and they are trying to decide what to do for her. We are SO thankful that it was not something serious!

Josh and I are in Miracle on 34th St (along with Steve and Jill) at Perry Players, which opens tonight. Until a couple days before Thanksgiving, we had a Santa that looked totally authentic, fat with a real white beard and twinkling eyes and everything… and then they discovered he has an ulcer and his doctors said the play would be too much stress on him. So we ended up with a 35 year old Santa with a fake white beard and belly padding. He really is doing an amazing job, though, especially since he only got the script right before Thanksgiving!! It’s just too bad about our original Santa, he could’ve fooled any age child! We all get to be in the Perry Christmas Parade this Saturday, I’m sure that’ll be fun.

I have been applying for several months for another part time job and Zaxby’s called me on Wednesday for an interview and hired me on the spot. I am pleased with the pay, they are allowing for the fact that I have experience (albeit that was 10 years ago!). They are going to work me day shift, 15-20 hrs a week, off Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (for Dr Sumrall’s).

The last chapter in the Elwin saga ended today, thank goodness! I took him to get his jaw wire removed and he’s home and happy and his old self again!

That’s pretty much all that’s happened of late!

Tree Skirt

I decided I needed something besides a plain red Walmart tree skirt this year for our live tree in the living room. I cut up an old tablecloth that I never use and stitched it onto the back of the old tree skirt, used binding around the edges  and it was an instant new (and free) tree skirt! Only took about an hour. (I ran out of red binding toward the back of the skirt but I don’t think it will show-if it does, I’ll get more to finish it off.) Now I need to make one for the artificial tree…

(backside- old skirt)

backside (old tree skirt)

Trixie likes it!

Mysterious footprint!

I made date balls for our couple’s Christmas party Sunday, and after I rolled them in powdered sugar I left the remnants of the sugar in a bowl out on the counter while we were gone to the party. When we came back, we found this mysterious footprint! Where could this strange shape have come from?? Who dared to step in my powdered sugar and trample it all over my hideously carpeted kitchen? Since we left 3 of our 4 cats in the house while we were gone, I guess we’ll never know (unless I take pawprints and compare…). I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that whoever it was surely enjoyed cleaning his/her paw that night!
Powdered Sugar Footprint

Crafty Christmas Decorations

Heather and I love doing crafty things, and she came over last week and brought all kinds of great ideas and supplies for us to do some hand made Christmas decorations. She is going to highlight some of them on her blog, so for now I am just posting pictures of two of the projects we finished.

On this first one, we started with plain cardboard letters ($2 ea at Michaels). We painted the outer edges green and traced the shape of each letter onto the back of decorative paper. We used a glue stick to attach the paper to the letter, and voila! I also added gold rick-rack to the outer edges, but I took the picture before I did that.

This next craft was also a paper craft. First, we cut circles out the size of some lids that I had in the kitchen (around 4 inches). Then we cut 1 1/2 inch by 10 inch long strips and folded them accordian-style to make the next layer. The next layer we just cut a shape and topped it off with a precut chipboard letter. We used hot glue (our best friend!!!) to assemble. Next, we punched tiny holes in the top and bottom of each large circle to thread our ribbon and bells to. We used a washer (from a nut and bolt) attatched to the ribbon at the top to hang it on a nail. n from noelMerrynoel