Yep, it’s moldy alright.

The corner of my blog looks like this:

Maybe one day it’ll get cleaned up…


Journal entry, Dec 18, 1998

I meant to post it on Dec 18, 2008 (ten years later!) but I forgot.Several months ago while going through my old diary I came across this entry:

“I saw the most wonderful movie tonite! It’s called “You’ve Got Mail” w/ Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks. It is so sweet, so perfect. I went & saw it w/ Kim, Ran & Hea. We had the best time.”

I immediately got my hair cut like Meg Ryan and bought a sweater with a shell under it like she wears several times in the movie, though I could never quite pull it off! At the time we had AOL and I used to IM all the time. It’s so cool to have been a part of the pop culture that is so beautifully conveyed in this great movie.¬† It’s really special that I saw it for the first time with my best friends, it’s something I will always remember!

Christmas Eve (yes, I know it’s February 11th)

Sorry for the break, I’m not sure what the deal is, just that time of year, I guess.

ANYways, for those of you who do not know, Josh and I have been doing a diet/fast/detox based on Daniel’s 10 day diet (in the Bible). Today was the 10th day of fruits, vegetables, nuts, water and juice and NOTHING ELSE!!! I have been working at Zaxby’s not being able to drink the free cokes and smelling the wonderful chicken that I hand to people but was not able to eat. I have not had a sip of coffee, a bite of meat or even the smallest piece of candy. Let me tell ya, it has been misery. But, the end is in sight! Tomorrow at work (Dr. Sumrall’s) we are celebrating Valentine’s Day by bringing lots of good things to eat and drink and we are planning on eating ALL DAY!!! I told Josh it feels like the night before Christmas! I hope that in my desperate zeal I do not undo all the good that was done by refraining these last 10 days (I really do feel better in general and also lost a couple pounds as a side plus), but who can really blame me if I do? Ahhhhhhh- pasta salad, chocolate fountain, key lime pie, Mt. Dew, various other sinful delights… here I come!!!


Things I’ve heard since I started working at Zaxby’s:

A girl around 5 or 6 years old said to her father: “Why do grown-ups have to sleep together?”. Haha. I did not hear his reply, I wish I had.

A bratty spoiled-looking girl who had applied for a cashier position, gotten the job, and then backed out of it just in time for her first day of work told me: “I couldn’t work here. It’s too hard.” Yeah, she thinks fast food is too hard.

A black man was paying for his food and his change was a penny. He said “Keep the penny. Now that Obama is president, I can do that. When Bush was president, you couldn’t give away s**t.” Um, yeah. I forgot that Obama is gonna make all blacks rich.

Note to self:

Never put pretty white hand towels in a bathroom that little boys will be using. I would post a picture, but if anyone is queasy at the sight of blood, I’d hate to be responsible for you passing out and hitting your head on something.

Kitties love Christmas too

Tree Skirt

I decided I needed something besides a plain red Walmart tree skirt this year for our live tree in the living room. I cut up an old tablecloth that I never use and stitched it onto the back of the old tree skirt, used binding around the edges¬† and it was an instant new (and free) tree skirt! Only took about an hour. (I ran out of red binding toward the back of the skirt but I don’t think it will show-if it does, I’ll get more to finish it off.) Now I need to make one for the artificial tree…

(backside- old skirt)

backside (old tree skirt)

Trixie likes it!