Update on ELWIN!

I think you all know that Elwin got hit by a car last Sunday night. Josh and I were at our couple’s group in Warner Robins when my dad called Josh and told him that a lady had come to his door and told him that she had hit Elwin and that he had run and hid under my car. She lives down the street and knew that we were somehow related to mom and dad and that’s how she knew to tell them. Dad went to check on him and saw that he could not breath well and that his face was bleeding, but Elwin ran when he tried to get to him. So when Josh got the call we told our friends what had happened and came home. They told us they would be praying, and Josh and I prayed for him all the way home. I knew that the fact that he could run was a miracle in and of itself, since cats are so small that their injuries are usually pretty severe when they get hit. It took us a little while to find him but our cat Callie led Josh to him behind our carport. He ran under the shed attatched to the car port and we were able to see that his face was bleeding badly, mostly from his nose and mouth and I freaked out. We already had our vet on call for when we found him and we asked him to meet us at the hospital so that he could put him to sleep. It did not even occur to me that he might recover because he looked so bad, and we thought he had other injuries besides his head.
When we got there Dr. Westmoreland said “I’m not putting this cat to sleep tonight. Looks like he just has a broken jaw.” I was so shocked! I finally brought myself to look at him (I didn’t want to look at him if he was going to be put down because with his face like that he looked nothing like my Elwie and I didn’t want that altered version of him to keep running through my head later). Dr W gave him a pain shot and sedation and put him in a cage and told us that he would have to do xrays and a more thorough exam on Monday to see if Elwin would be able to pull through.
He wired his jaw back together on Tuesday and on Tuesday and Wednesday I really thought we were still going to have to put him to sleep, he did not look like he was recovering from the injuries to his nose and the inside of his mouth. His face was swollen and there was constant mucus and blood around his nose mouth and eyes, and he still sounded like he could hardly breath. Josh and I had a miserable several days (and so did Elwin!!) but by Thursday he was looking so much better that Dr W called to tell my I could pick him up on Friday and that we would have to give him IV fluids everyday and force feed him with a syringe. That part has not been fun, but today he has started licking food and occasionally getting a taste of water on his tongue! It will still probably be a while before he is able to eat and drink all he needs on his own (he still can’t close his mouth completely), but I still can’t believe that it has been 9 days since the accident and he is looking more and more like his old self and he has been acting like himself ever since he got home on Friday.

I got calls and messages all week last week from friends who were praying for him and I know that that is why he has recovered so well and so quickly (and maybe even at all)! So thank you to the people that were praying for him, even though he is just a cat! I used to get made fun of for bringing up my cats as prayer requests at youth group but God is big enough to care about animals too. I know that even if God is not healing Elwin for his own sake, He is healing him for me because He loves me and knows how much I love my kitties! Keep praying that he’ll eat and drink on his own soon, the IV thing kinda weirds Josh and I out. 😉

Here are some before and after pics (I took the after pics today). I wish I had taken pictures of him while he was in the hospital so that you could see what a miracle it is that he looks so good now. But you can just take my word for it, he looked horrible.



Trixie and her orange Teddy!

Turn up your speakers for this one!

Elwin and Trixie

This is a rarity! These two are usually duking it out.