stuff I read/heard yesterday that brightened my day (not)

1. John Smoltz is signing a $5 million contract (with a possible $5 mil more in bonuses) with the Boston Red Sox after 20 years with the Atlanta Braves. Sad. But I sort of understand wanting to be on a pretty good team one last time.
2. Inauguration day. Is. A. School. Holiday. This. Year. What. The. Bloody. Heck.
3. The porn industry is struggling because of the “recession” too! Larry Flynt asking for a $5 billion bailout. I’m hoping this is a joke, but at least it looks like they are getting less paying business.


The Bravos are finally over the .500 mark! I just know that they will not sink that low again this year! Smoltz has the opportunity to be the 16th pitcher to accumulate 3,000+ strikeouts tonite if he can get 4 more! Josh and I had been watching games on SS at Mom and Dad’s, but they changed from cable to satellite last week and didn’t get a package that included SS! 😦 I’m very sad about it… by the way, we do make house calls if ever anyone wants to invite us over to watch a game! GO BRAVES!!!!!
John Smoltz

Old news…new to me!

I know that probably none of you who read this will care one little smidgen about this (except Matt and Kevin) but since it is MY blog, I’m gonna write it anyway! I was SO excited today when Josh called me to tell me that the Braves had signed Glavine during the off-season. I don’t have any sports channels, and besides checking the official MLB site occasionally, I usually don’t get much news until the season starts. So when he called I looked up and read some articles about it and the best one I found you can read here. I hope any of you who care will enjoy it too. I just can’t say how great I think it is that good ‘ol Glavine is back and will be pitching with his good buddy Smoltz.

Tom Glavine with John Smoltz in foreground

I love that he never left (moved his residence) from Atlanta. I love loyalty like that and I appreciate anybody who appreciates Georgia or the Braves.

I am so siked (yes, siked) for the season now! So, who wants to go to a baseball game?!