Yep, it’s moldy alright.

The corner of my blog looks like this:

Maybe one day it’ll get cleaned up…


Heather over at Heather’s Hodgepodge graciously gave me an excuse to blog by agreeing to interview me. Read an interview with Heather over at her site! THANK YOU HEATHER!

1) You have held a variety of jobs – which job has been your favorite, and why? What would you consider your dream job?
I have definitely held a variety of jobs! Food service (Zaxby’s-twice), secretarial (attorney’s office), receptionist (vet’s office), dental (hyg. assistant), retail (Belk and Christian bookstore), and house cleaning. My favorite by far is food service, low responsibility, and alot of interaction with people.

2) How did your love for cats come about? I got my first cat for my 5th birthday, an orange and white girl that I named Peaches. She was wrapped in a fan box- you know, one of those little oscillating fans. I got to keep her for just a short while before we moved from Oklahoma to Georgia, but I was hooked from then on. Shortly after moving to Georgia, we got two kittens from my aunt and uncle, who had more kittens and the line kept going for many a generation. At one time I had 22 outdoor cats while we lived on the farm (I was around 12)

3) Of the many books that you enjoy, what book would you most like to live in, and why? Well, it’s a toss up between being a Narnian or being a detective in a mystery novel or something of the sort.

4) Your house’s style is constantly evolving. What are your sources for inspiration when it comes to decorating? It used to come from the Perry Salvation Army before it closed about 2 years ago :(. And then I gathered a lot of ideas from HGTV. Now that I have neither of those magnificent sources and am much busier than I used to be, my inspiration so to speak has run dry for the time being, though I am excited about painting my kitchen peacock green in the near future!

5) Describe your ideal vacation. Hmm. I really enjoy camping with friends. I think my favorite vacation thus far was when about 15 of us went to High Falls (or was it Indian Springs?) a few years back. Community meals and sitting around the fire singing and roasting marshmallows with good friends is definitely my idea of a good time. I would also love to visit Greece and Italy because of all of the ancient history there.

If anyone of you would like me to interview you, please e-mail me or leave me a comment below. I’ll look over your blog and then send you 5 questions for you to answer!