Journal entry, Dec 18, 1998

I meant to post it on Dec 18, 2008 (ten years later!) but I forgot.Several months ago while going through my old diary I came across this entry:

“I saw the most wonderful movie tonite! It’s called “You’ve Got Mail” w/ Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks. It is so sweet, so perfect. I went & saw it w/ Kim, Ran & Hea. We had the best time.”

I immediately got my hair cut like Meg Ryan and bought a sweater with a shell under it like she wears several times in the movie, though I could never quite pull it off! At the time we had AOL and I used to IM all the time. It’s so cool to have been a part of the pop culture that is so beautifully conveyed in this great movie.  It’s really special that I saw it for the first time with my best friends, it’s something I will always remember!


3 Responses

  1. I so clearly remember going to see that movie with you! That was a great time…

  2. Wow, that is so great. Its so cool that you have that memory preserved. Also, I think its pretty cool that the other biggest fan of that movie has her own real “You’ve Got Mail” story.

  3. That is precious, ZZ.

    Ya know I have a memory like that. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was still young and I was living at home. I can remember how my family gathered in the living room for a night of watching a movie, eating snacks, and just being together.

    We were watching a movie that was new to us. We popped in the VHS. And there I heard those first words from the main character which changed my life: “Doc? Hey, Doc! Yo! Anybody home?”

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