Christmas Eve (yes, I know it’s February 11th)

Sorry for the break, I’m not sure what the deal is, just that time of year, I guess.

ANYways, for those of you who do not know, Josh and I have been doing a diet/fast/detox based on Daniel’s 10 day diet (in the Bible). Today was the 10th day of fruits, vegetables, nuts, water and juice and NOTHING ELSE!!! I have been working at Zaxby’s not being able to drink the free cokes and smelling the wonderful chicken that I hand to people but was not able to eat. I have not had a sip of coffee, a bite of meat or even the smallest piece of candy. Let me tell ya, it has been misery. But, the end is in sight! Tomorrow at work (Dr. Sumrall’s) we are celebrating Valentine’s Day by bringing lots of good things to eat and drink and we are planning on eating ALL DAY!!! I told Josh it feels like the night before Christmas! I hope that in my desperate zeal I do not undo all the good that was done by refraining these last 10 days (I really do feel better in general and also lost a couple pounds as a side plus), but who can really blame me if I do? Ahhhhhhh- pasta salad, chocolate fountain, key lime pie, Mt. Dew, various other sinful delights… here I come!!!


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  1. i completely understand the “night before christmas” feeling! our life group met last night and broke our fast with steaks and all sorts of awesome food. (lemme tell you, it was SO hard to make a chocolate cake for the party without licking a frosting spoon!!) we will definately be incorporating some of this into our regular diets though, heath and i both lost some weight with it, too.

  2. Now, Z, don’t go and negate everything I wrote on my blog about eating moderately.

    @ann: we also are going to incorporate it into our regular diets. I think it’s a good thing for everyone to do.

  3. Well, thanks to Ann’s recipes, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could’ve been! Thanks for saving us!

  4. I’m interested to know what your body thinks about “regular” food now. I imagine that you will notice very quickly the impact processed food has on you (if any).

  5. Um, yeah. Pretty much feel like CRAP after I started eating regular food. It took a while to hit me but last night I was miserable and now after dinner tonight my stomach is yelling at me. I drank water today at work until noon and it didn’t bother me a bit! I couldn’t believe it. I am really gonna eat more healthy stuff. Not gonna cut out any of the “bad” stuff, but I’ll probably be eating less of it. The diet really made me feel so much less sluggish.

  6. we’ve noticed the same thing! our bodies went “ugh” at the heavy food we ate. i’m trying to eat my veg. before i eat anything else on my plate, so i dont skimp on them. and i’ve only had a few mt. dews, they dont quite taste as good.

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