stuff I read/heard yesterday that brightened my day (not)

1. John Smoltz is signing a $5 million contract (with a possible $5 mil more in bonuses) with the Boston Red Sox after 20 years with the Atlanta Braves. Sad. But I sort of understand wanting to be on a pretty good team one last time.
2. Inauguration day. Is. A. School. Holiday. This. Year. What. The. Bloody. Heck.
3. The porn industry is struggling because of the “recession” too! Larry Flynt asking for a $5 billion bailout. I’m hoping this is a joke, but at least it looks like they are getting less paying business.


3 Responses

  1. The Smoltz news has already ruined 2009 for me. The Braves will FACE the Red Sox this year, which means we Braves fan will be treated to the site of Smoltz pitching AGAINST us.


  2. I know, Kev, depressing. I am also sad that Maddux retired from baseball this year. The baseball that I used to love is no more.

  3. point number three is so absurdly funny i hope it is true

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