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Tree Skirt

I decided I needed something besides a plain red Walmart tree skirt this year for our live tree in the living room. I cut up an old tablecloth that I never use and stitched it onto the back of the old tree skirt, used binding around the edges  and it was an instant new (and free) tree skirt! Only took about an hour. (I ran out of red binding toward the back of the skirt but I don’t think it will show-if it does, I’ll get more to finish it off.) Now I need to make one for the artificial tree…

(backside- old skirt)

backside (old tree skirt)

Trixie likes it!


3 Responses

  1. wow…the cat you stitched in it looks so real….oh wait…

  2. yeah, Trixie REALLY likes it since we found her today wrapped up in it. How’d she do that?

  3. Great job, Z! I have an unopened package of red binding that you can have if you want it.

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