Tree Skirt

I decided I needed something besides a plain red Walmart tree skirt this year for our live tree in the living room. I cut up an old tablecloth that I never use and stitched it onto the back of the old tree skirt, used binding around the edges  and it was an instant new (and free) tree skirt! Only took about an hour. (I ran out of red binding toward the back of the skirt but I don’t think it will show-if it does, I’ll get more to finish it off.) Now I need to make one for the artificial tree…

(backside- old skirt)

backside (old tree skirt)

Trixie likes it!


Mysterious footprint!

I made date balls for our couple’s Christmas party Sunday, and after I rolled them in powdered sugar I left the remnants of the sugar in a bowl out on the counter while we were gone to the party. When we came back, we found this mysterious footprint! Where could this strange shape have come from?? Who dared to step in my powdered sugar and trample it all over my hideously carpeted kitchen? Since we left 3 of our 4 cats in the house while we were gone, I guess we’ll never know (unless I take pawprints and compare…). I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that whoever it was surely enjoyed cleaning his/her paw that night!
Powdered Sugar Footprint

Crafty Christmas Decorations

Heather and I love doing crafty things, and she came over last week and brought all kinds of great ideas and supplies for us to do some hand made Christmas decorations. She is going to highlight some of them on her blog, so for now I am just posting pictures of two of the projects we finished.

On this first one, we started with plain cardboard letters ($2 ea at Michaels). We painted the outer edges green and traced the shape of each letter onto the back of decorative paper. We used a glue stick to attach the paper to the letter, and voila! I also added gold rick-rack to the outer edges, but I took the picture before I did that.

This next craft was also a paper craft. First, we cut circles out the size of some lids that I had in the kitchen (around 4 inches). Then we cut 1 1/2 inch by 10 inch long strips and folded them accordian-style to make the next layer. The next layer we just cut a shape and topped it off with a precut chipboard letter. We used hot glue (our best friend!!!) to assemble. Next, we punched tiny holes in the top and bottom of each large circle to thread our ribbon and bells to. We used a washer (from a nut and bolt) attatched to the ribbon at the top to hang it on a nail. n from noelMerrynoel

Veteran’s Day Outing

Josh and I decided to go to the Museum of Aviation for Veteran’s Day yesterday. Neither of us had been there since we were in middle school and boy, has it changed! We had a really great time exploring and reading about Air Force veterans and seeing donated memorabilia dated from the early 20th century. I am so fortunate to have grown up with an Air Force dad, and will always hold veterans and current enlistees in high regard.This is my favorite picture, for some reason our camera kept giving Josh a black eye, there is one further down that looks the same way! hpim2737hpim27381 hpim273914-8-15-16-23-42 execute (little Lost joke there)hpim27401hpim27421hpim27491The other black eye picture, maybe it was from when the plane hit Josh in the face!hpim27501

Fall Colors

Fall is my favorite season. I opened my cabinet the other day and noticed how pretty and fall-ish the colors of my kitchen decor and dishes are, and also the tiles on my island and backsplash. I love looking at pretty colors so I thought I’d post some pictures for you to enjoy too.