Craft post

I was invited to a birthday party for a friend of mine last week and since I did not have any money to spend on a present I decided to make one for free. This cork board was originally hanging on my wall in the kitchen but I didn’t really need it and thought it would be a cute simple crafty gift (she’s crafty too). It started out as a simple black framed cork message board. I painted the frame brown and hot glued brown grossgrain ribbon around the front edges of the frame. I could not remove the cork from the frame to wrap it in fabric so I took some craft glue and spread a thin layer all over the cork to adhere the fabric to. I didn’t worry about the edges of the fabric showing because I decided to cover the unfinished edges with cream colored pipe cleaners around all four edges. I wanted some of the board to be magnetic and I thought the easiest way to do that would be to hot glue mason jar lids to the frame (I left them gold colored because it looked good with the fabric). I used regular push pins and wrapped them in brown pipe cleaners for the cork board, and glued decorative paper and pipe cleaners to magnets for the mason jar lids. I had some wide cream colored grossgrain ribbon that I tied in a bow and hotglued to the center top of the frame. (I misspelled her name so I removed the paper that said “Christy” -it’s actually “Cristi”- before I gave it to her.) The end.


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  1. So cool!! Wish i was crafty….instead, I’m just crappy! HA!

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