Gettin’ ahead of myself…

Ok , I was gonna wait to post any bathroom pictures until it was done, but my brain can think of nothing else to blog about so I will just post this one picture of our mostly done sink/cabinet. I think I have already told you all that I found this sewing cabinet at Goodwill for $9, and I just loved the style of the legs and the simplicity of the thing as a whole. So I removed the fold out wood top and painted it “Rock Bottom” (I know, y’all never thought I’d use any blue in my house…) and I repainted the knob which was a goldy brass color before. Josh jigsawed the hole for the sink to fit into. I had previously planned on doing a simple wood top (painted or stained) and having a drop in sink, but after wood shopping I decided that for price and ease of maintenance a solid surface top would be best. I was thrilled that they sold them 19” x 25” because that is the perfect size for the sewing cabinet. I think I like it better than I would have had I gone with a wood top because it coordinates so well with the shower and (future) toilet. I am contemplating painting a stripe across the front panel of the cabinet to match the doors on the built-in, but I’m not sure yet. And we have picked out the faucet but we won’t be able to get that quite yet, maybe next week. I just love the way it’s turning out! When we are finally done with the whole bathroom we are gonna have a P-A-R-T-Y! ;P
We haven’t hooked up the plumbing yet, but when we do we’ll have chrome pipes so that will look a lot nicer than the current copper sticking out from under. I should have swept the floor before I took the picture… oh well.


6 Responses

  1. Looks good! So you’re going to leave the pipes exposed? BTW, “fossett” is more commonly spelled “faucet”

  2. You can spell faucet however you want.

    Yep, that sewing table was a great idea. Good thinking, babe.

  3. neat idea! can’t wait till the party!!

  4. Well, you guys are certainly invited!! When you ask off from work, you could tell them you have to attend a bathroom party in Georgia. They’ll understand. 😉

  5. The reflection on the wall in the picture makes it look like your sink is in a cubbyhole, like in an attic bathroom or something. It looks so neat in that setting, that I have to keep reminding myself that you don’t have an attic bathroom 🙂
    The sewing table looks really cool! That was a really great idea. I always look at sewing tables and the interesting shapes they have, but since I already have one (that is attached to my old sewing machine), I just usually admire them and walk on. I never would have even dreamed of one being a bathroom sink! You win the “Think Outside the Box Award”!

  6. I attended a bathroom party once, but it turned out just to be an intervention. Apparently, my never putting the cap back on the toothpaste was a major issue.

    (Picture looks great, btw!)

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