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Linen Dish Towels

I am known for my thrift store and yard sale shopping habits. One of the things I fell in love with early on when I started shopping for old cast offs was linen dish towels. It took me several years to actually use one, as a dish towel, I mean. Until then, I had used them for table scarves and various other decorative ways. But that was before I knew how well they worked for what were intended! I’m not sure what made me try one on a clean wet dish a couple years back, but I am SO glad I did! They are stiff when they are “new” (unused, anyway) but after a couple of washes they soften up and absorb so much better than any terrycloth towel I’ve seen. They dry more quickly too, after being used you can just hang it up for another use later in the day, unlike with terrycloth that stays damp for hours (a pet peeve of mine). Besides the fact that they work well, you can find some ADORABLE vintage ones (the best ones are vintage by far) that look cute instead of utilitarian. Here are just a few that I have picked up over the years :


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  1. Herb’s mom always used linen dishcloths or a new pack of cloth diapers (the kind you had to fold yourself) to dry her dishes. She would agree whole heartedly with you that they dry best. Yours are sure pretty.

  2. That’s fun. I love thrift stores, but have never looked for linendish towels, I’ll have to look around a bit next time.
    Thanks for sharing!

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