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Something Borrowed

I am so excited about my sister’s upcoming wedding! For any who may not already know, they are planning for it to be sometime in May of ’09. She called me a few days ago to ask my opinion on some brides dresses she had found online. As I was looking at them I remarked at how similar in style they were to my own, and she immediately asked me what size mine would have been. I had already thought of offering it to her, but didn’t know if she just wanted a new one to own for this fresh start. So I told her that I didn’t know but that it would probably fit her since I was about 5 sizes smaller than I am now when I got married. I emailed her some detailed pictures of it and she has decided to use it! I think that is so awesome. It seems kind of old-timey to be using your sister’s wedding dress. I will probably be taking it to her sometime in the next couple of months next time I visit so that we can make sure it can be altered to fit her. So anyway, I thought that that is a very neat prospect and I hope it will work out!


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  1. You have a beautiful dress (and you were a lovely bride!) I’m so glad to hear that your dress is getting used again. I know Robyn will be a gorgeous May bride. Tell her you want the dress back afterwards, though, for Sallly!

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