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5 Favorites Meme

This is the meme Heather tagged me with. This was really hard, trying to figure out which 5 favorite things to talk about.
1. Cats– Ok, they are not “things” but they are not people either so I guess its okay to put them. There are few things in this world that make me happier than being around cats. Each one has a distinct personality which I find amazing, and despite what people say about their loyalty, I know that my cats “love” me and Josh.

2. Making lists– I never plan far ahead for trips or projects, but at the last minute I always love to make a very detailed list of things I’ll need or to outline an agenda. I usually have first and second drafts of them before it’s written out just right.

3. Green things– and I do NOT mean environmentally friendly!!! Not that being wise with the things that you use and they way you dispose of them is a bad thing, I just hate bandwagons, especially ones that liberal idealists seem to be so in love with- and when it hurts my purse (ANWR). Anyway, when my eye sees certain shades of green it just thrills me. I have to restrain myself to keep from painting the whole house in different shades of green- who knows, I may end up doing that.

4. Movies– I feel kinda hypocritical writing that since I talk so much about wishing I lived in another century and how well I could get along without modern technology and entertainment. I do think that I could though, really. But since I live right here and now, movies are definitely one of my favorite things. I love good actors and well made movies with good dialog or a killer ending.

5. Anything Mystery related– Mystery and green give me a similar thrill. I have always had a love for the idea of a mystery as far back as I can remember. I had a Nate the Great detective kids book when I was little that I just loved, and then the first episodes I ever saw of Dragnet and Perry Mason got me hooked for life. My mystery tastes have expanded to the supernatural and universe unknown which I sort of link in with mystery. My idea of a perfect day would consist of curling up on a green couch (haha) surrounded by my kitties while reading an Agatha Christie or some such novel.


2 Responses

  1. Amanda and I had cheesecake(YUMMY!) and coffee Friday at Atlanta Bread. While we were eating, I looked around and said to Amanda “Lyndsay would be very happy here.” I don’t know if you have seen it since they remodeled, but it is green, green. and more green!!!

  2. No, I haven’t seen it remodeled, I’ll have to check it out! 🙂

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