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AAAAUUUGHHH!!! Dad and Josh are working in the bathroom and I can’t do anything to help. Bathroom budget money is gone and there’s still lots to buy! I had hoped for a productive and satisfying Saturday but now I don’t know… I guess it’ll get done eventually! I just wanted to vent. Feeling really helpless 😦


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  1. Hey! We have added on to our house twice during the years.I agree it is painful and it always takes longer than you think. All I could do was clean up after those doing the work and that wasn’t much fun! But, do not grow weary, it will be great when it’s done and you will soon forget the aggravation.
    I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pictures of your family.Amanda is home now.Her trip was great.Thanks for praying for her. Look forward to seeing that new bathroom one of these days!!!

  2. I hear you guys got a lot done over the weekend, though. So, congrats on that! I’m sure the finished product will look great.

  3. Remember how beautiful it is going to be! When it comes time to paint – I can help then. =)

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