5 Favorites Meme

This is the meme Heather tagged me with. This was really hard, trying to figure out which 5 favorite things to talk about.
1. Cats– Ok, they are not “things” but they are not people either so I guess its okay to put them. There are few things in this world that make me happier than being around cats. Each one has a distinct personality which I find amazing, and despite what people say about their loyalty, I know that my cats “love” me and Josh.

2. Making lists– I never plan far ahead for trips or projects, but at the last minute I always love to make a very detailed list of things I’ll need or to outline an agenda. I usually have first and second drafts of them before it’s written out just right.

3. Green things– and I do NOT mean environmentally friendly!!! Not that being wise with the things that you use and they way you dispose of them is a bad thing, I just hate bandwagons, especially ones that liberal idealists seem to be so in love with- and when it hurts my purse (ANWR). Anyway, when my eye sees certain shades of green it just thrills me. I have to restrain myself to keep from painting the whole house in different shades of green- who knows, I may end up doing that.

4. Movies– I feel kinda hypocritical writing that since I talk so much about wishing I lived in another century and how well I could get along without modern technology and entertainment. I do think that I could though, really. But since I live right here and now, movies are definitely one of my favorite things. I love good actors and well made movies with good dialog or a killer ending.

5. Anything Mystery related– Mystery and green give me a similar thrill. I have always had a love for the idea of a mystery as far back as I can remember. I had a Nate the Great detective kids book when I was little that I just loved, and then the first episodes I ever saw of Dragnet and Perry Mason got me hooked for life. My mystery tastes have expanded to the supernatural and universe unknown which I sort of link in with mystery. My idea of a perfect day would consist of curling up on a green couch (haha) surrounded by my kitties while reading an Agatha Christie or some such novel.

An excuse to blog…

You’ve probably all seen these on my MySpace and Facebook, but I was tired of looking at my last post so I decided to post this slideshow of pictures from our family reunion a couple weeks ago. We had a blast on the lake as usual! We love to ride the tube especially with my cousing Tony at the wheel, he loves to fling people off. David proposed to Robyn Friday morning at breakfast so that was exciting. Josh got to jam a little bit with my cousins Jake and Lane and I really enjoyed that. So anyway, hope you enjoy.


AAAAUUUGHHH!!! Dad and Josh are working in the bathroom and I can’t do anything to help. Bathroom budget money is gone and there’s still lots to buy! I had hoped for a productive and satisfying Saturday but now I don’t know… I guess it’ll get done eventually! I just wanted to vent. Feeling really helpless 😦

I finally did it too…

Free IQ Tests
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Your ability to communicate your vision clearly will take you far. So enjoy being perceptive, and make the most of your abilities as an insightful linguist.



Birthday presents!! (updated)

Look what Josh got me! I was SO surprised! We had a certain amount of money set aside for birthdays and an iPod certainly exceeded that in price, so when I unwrapped the box, I was really confused and figured that he must have just used his old box to wrap something in, and he even said, “Don’t be fooled by the box” to throw me off for a little longer. He had already charged it and loaded it with lots of my favorite stuff, like Rear Window (he has a program that converts DVDs to the right format), over 150 songs by artists that I like and my current podcasts. Like I said, we hadn’t budgeted for an iPod and I knew that he would never just spend more out of our bank account because he never has any idea how much is in there! (I do the checkbook) So here comes the sweetest part… He had sold some guitar stuff and submitted numerous blog posts for payment and over the last several months had accumulated enough to get a refurbished one (good as new!). I couldn’t believe how sweet he was to do that, becuase he really wants a new iPod to replace his old one that has some problems but he spent all of his extra money on me!! I just love him 🙂 So I have listened to it a ton in the last couple days and have loved every minute! I made a case for it yesterday too so it doesn’t get scratched up in my purse. Thanks Monk!! 😉

Some other gifts were:

iPod Trip (FM transmitter from Steve and Renee)

A lamp and a metal cat for my library that I wanted from Cracker Barrel that Mom and Dad bought me

A pillow that Saige made for me to go with my Georgia pillow, and the second of 50!

UPDATE! I also got this great Beatrix Potter print from Heather but it slipped my mind since she gave it to me 2 weeks ago! 🙂

I also got a Tshirt from Josh, and gift cards and money from other family members which I promptly spent yesterday at Target and Kohl’s!

Look What I Did!!

Yeah, it’s broken. I accidentally let the subwoofer (big square box) of our speaker system fall on the screen. It was horrible. We’re gonna try to sent it to Apple to see if “Apple Care” covers it, but it may not. Kills me, really. Josh was very very sweet about it and hasn’t scolded me one time (of course, it was a freak accident, but it was on my watch!). Thankfully we have the hook up that allows us to connect our computer to the TV so we are able to use it that way until we send it off. So, you’ll be seeing less of us for a while, unfortunately, since our Mac Mini’s ethernet port is on the fritz since the Mother’s Day storm. We are just not having good computer luck lately! So anyway, see you in a few days or weeks or however long it takes…