Lesson in Dentures

My Granny visited this past week and she always has numerous old and new stories to tell, most of which I enjoy (some that I have heard 12 times are getting a little tiresome- you understand). But this time she told me one that I would like to tell you and hopefully make it as entertaining as it did when she told it to me.
~It was years ago before my Papa died, and they had each been wearing their current dentures for quite a while. There was nothing wrong with the ones they had, but they felt like it was about time that they treat themselves with a new pair each. Since the place they usually got denture work was quite a drive down the road, they decided to make a weekend of it and visit relatives after they’d gotten their much coveted, but not needed, new teeth. As soon as they got to the car with their newly fitted pairs of dentures, they promptly popped them in and found a fast food restaurant to eat at so they could give their new teeth a test run. After they sat down to eat, it didn’t take long for them to realize that it was going to take some time and effort to adjust to the new teeth. They were both having such a hard time eating their food that they decided that they’d put their old ones in to finish this meal and just try the new pairs again later. Papa put the new teeth in the glove box and they wore their old teeth for the remainder of the drive to where they were staying for the weekend. Not wanting to go through the hassle of getting used to the feel of new teeth while trying to have fun visiting relatives, they decided to just leave them in the glove box and try them again when they got home. After getting home from the long, pleasant but hot weekend, they unpacked the car and then remembered that their new teeth were still in the glove box. Papa retrieved the beautiful frivolously-bought new dentures – only to find that they had melted completely out of shape!

Moral to this story is: Don’t spend money on something new when what you already have works just fine!~


3 Responses

  1. eeeeeeew lol

  2. That is so funny. Good moral.

  3. I will not complain about my crooked and less-than-white teeth. I will be thankful for them. “I have all my teeth and they work just fine.” Thanks, Lyndsay, for a good story and a good lesson.

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