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Just pictures…

I’ve found that it is REALLY hard (with having Will and Chandler visiting us) to gather my thoughts enough to do a creative post, so I guess I’ll just settle for a few pictures from our trip to Mississippi for now. I had a wonderful time visiting my sweet sister and we were able to have a pretty good amount of one on one time since Josh and David were there to watch the boys. We went shopping twice, we did some pottery painting at the pottery firing place (Chan came with us), and had several late nite sister chats. So here are some of the pictures we took while we were there!


2 Responses

  1. Great pics, Lyndsay! Jill and Wil favor so much to me! Although I realize Jill is not in any of the photos =)! Did David’s grilling turn out well? Looks like y’all had a great time.

  2. Everything David cooks turns out great! And yeah, Will and Jill look like they could be brother and sister with those little noses and blonde hair!

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