“A New Age Has(‘nt) Begun”

I tried doing this twice yesterday, but I kept getting way too detailed. I guess all I can say, is that Prince Caspian the movie was almost nothing like Prince Caspian the book. Since I LOVE that book, it made me really mad. I can put up with adding/removing a scene or idea here or there but my gosh, man! Not only did they screw up the timeline, they added numerous unnecessary scenes, and worst of all….. they changed Caspian and Peter’s personalities (not to mention that Caspian is supposed to be fair haired boy around Peter’s age, maybe a little younger- not a dark haired 20-something!)!! Sheesh! Ok, I’m done.

No, it’s not a new age. They’ve been messing up good books for the sake of gaining a larger audience for years now.


3 Responses

  1. So sad to hear that 😦 I’ll admit that I wasn’t too eager about Caspian being a movie because I wasn’t sure it’d make a good movie. Still, Walden Media/Disney appear to have plans to make the CON into movies, with the next one out in 2010. I think I’ll wait until Caspian comes out on video or is at the cheap theater, and go see Indiana Jones at the “real” theater instead! (BTW, we can start working on my room whenever works best for you!)

  2. yea i agree the movie wasnt as good as the book or the original movie well the special effects were but thats it lol the books of this series have been better so far…and wasnt the magicians nephew the first one? cuz if i remembr right i might b wrong but i thought thats where the 2 kids went ther with some like ring or somthin his uncle made and they discovered aslan making the world right b4 there eyes

  3. Well, chronologically The Magician’s Nephew was first, but Lewis wrote The Lion, Witch… first.

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