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It was a very “yellow” Mother’s Day!

I cooked Mother’s Day lunch for the family yesterday. I found some recipes online for Garlic/Lime Chicken breasts, roasted asparagus and pearl onions in Balsamic marinade. I also fixed rice and tomatoes, Caesar salad and garlic bread. Renee brought yummy cheesecake for dessert. I spent $55 on the meal which fed 8, and then we took Josh’s mom out for dinner at Fatz and spent $50 which fed 3. I wish eating out wasn’t so expensive! I really didn’t want to have to cook a major meal twice in one day, and we do not have room to have had both families over for lunch, so we decided to just take her out. But anyway, the food at Fatz was delicious as always 🙂 Here are some pics I took at lunch and a cute pic of Trix where she fell asleep with her little head drooped over the arm of the couch! Mom is wearing the outfit that Josh and I got her for Mother’s Day in the first pic.


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