My mom used to make homemade tortillas and salsa for us when I was growing up, and it has always been one of my favorite memories. She sometimes used a dry tortilla mix that you can buy at the store that is much easier and less time consuming, but she also made them from scratch. I had a hankering for them today and decided to look see if I could find a recipe that used just regular kitchen ingredients since I didn’t remember if mom ever used official “Mexican” ingredients in hers (such as masa or ground corn flour). I found a site here that has a really simple (but time consuming) recipe. It took me just over an hour but I made 7 delicious tortillas and promptly ate 3 of them with a fresh diced tomato and it was scrumptious!! I put the rest in my fridge. In my opinion, definitely worth the time. I love trying out new recipes!


2 Responses

  1. Homemade ones sure do taste better! Mom made them ATT when we got back from San Antonio. She still has her tortilla press – maybe I’ll go borrow it!

  2. I’m just glad you got that mess cleaned up before I got home.

    And I look forward to having one of those leftover tortillas.

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