Elwin and Trixie

This is a rarity! These two are usually duking it out.


SOLD!!! (almost…)

I am so excited! I’ve been trying to sell our bedroom set that we (foolishly) bought when we bought this house. I say “foolishly” for 2 reasons: 1. because it was way too big for our bedroom, and 2. because I could’ve found some used furniture that I liked just as well for hundreds less (I know because I have seen some I would have liked to buy!). So anyway, we put it in the Credit Union bulletin and on Craigs list over a month ago, and I had gotten several calls and one looker, but no buyers. I was so aggravated with it that I was just gonna stick it in the yard sale next weekend and hope for the best. But, alas, last nite I got a call from a young fella who wanted to come by and see it today. As soon as he saw it, he said that was what he wanted and gave me a $200 deposit for it until he can procure (that word’s for you, Matt :)) the rest of the funds. He is getting a divorce and already has a loan taken out but he hasn’t gotten the money yet. So anyway, I’m pretty sure it’s a done deal, but it is unfortunate that it will still be clogging up the front room (where it sits and has sat for over a month) for a few more weeks.

Farewell, big mistake!Big mistake

UPDATE: He came by and picked up and paid for it today! Less than a week later! YAY!

Last Week!

Last week was very busy, which is why I have not posted since Monday. Josh and I made a sofa table with bookshelf legs, we went to Alabama to visit friends and for Josh to play at a Disciple Now, and we had a party here at the house in honor of my sister in law’s brother and his wife coming to visit. Here is a slideshow with a mixture of all the weeks events.