Fancast-keepin me sane in my HGTV deprived world

You’ll remember that part of the reason I started a blog was to give me another “hobby” so that I would not go into deep dark depression over losing my satellite service (that is a severe exaggeration of course!). Anyway, I was kinda looking forward to not being able to have the TV on all day and I would instead listen to more records and podcasts and such. But, alas, just as I was on my way to complete recovery- I found out about all these great websites that let you stream TV shows for free!!! I don’t care about any of the new shows on these sites, but when you tempt me with Perry Mason, Adam-12, The Dick Van Dyke Show and the Hitchcock Hour you have got me hooked! To make matters worse, Josh bought a couple cables that would hook our Macbook up to the TV so it’s just like watching it on TV (he took pictures of the cables so I think he might blog about that later…). So, I’ve decided to limit my “TV time” to 2-3 shows a day, which isn’t too bad since they are mostly all half hour shows minus commercial breaks. I try to always be doing something while they’re on, like laundry or I’ll watch one while I eat lunch.
In case you’re interested, Fancast, ABC, NBC, CBS and Hulu all have similar streaming services. Hulu even has movies, but like with any other type of streaming, depending on what time of day you try to watch, sometimes the show/movie will get hung up alot and it can get pretty aggravating. But for the most part, I watch during the afternoon and there’s rarely any problems during the day.


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  1. I can understand withdrawal from tv. We turned our cable off a year ago and it took some adjustment. I even had a little tantrum. Coming to the beach and having cable back, I realized how much better life was without it. I got more done at home and have found much more enjoyable things than to sit on the couch all day. Seems like the shows now are just not watching. However, we thought of getting some episodes from some older shows to watch on occasion.

  2. Do you know if they have “Scarecrow and Mrs. King?” Oh, I would love to watch all of those again!

  3. […] May 10, 2008 Posted by Josh H. in Technology. Tags: HDTV, Mac trackback As Lyndsay mentioned in a recent post of hers, we have successfully connected our Macbook laptop to our high-definition LCD television. […]

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