Yard Sale!

Heather (at Heather’s Hodgepodge) and I are having a yard sale at my house this weekend. I am SO looking forward to getting rid of alot of JUNK! I hope hope hope it all sells, I plan on using the proceeds to start painting my bedroom and maybe get a second hand dresser to refinish. Right now Josh and I are sharing one dresser and 4 Rubbermaid tubs on the floor! I’m just prayin’ for good weather!


4 Responses

  1. hee-hee, um if anyone reading this planned on coming to the yard sale, I’d like to clarify. She didn’t mean “junk”, hehe, no no, she meant priceless treasures! yes! Valuable articles that simply must sale! No Credit, Bad Credit, No Problem! Everything must go! We’re slashing prices! Come on down to the Smoak Avenue Liquidation Sale. I Got it! I got it!

  2. Good luck on the yard sale. I need to have one of those my ownself, the only problem. No neighbors.
    Thanks for stopping by my site and the comment.

  3. Man! If only I hadn’t already gone to Perry today (well, yesterday at the time I’m posting). My tank is on E. And I don’t need to spend money on gas and junk, do I? : (

  4. soo… did you sell all your JUNK? hehe

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