Yep, it’s moldy alright.

The corner of my blog looks like this:

Maybe one day it’ll get cleaned up…



Heather over at Heather’s Hodgepodge graciously gave me an excuse to blog by agreeing to interview me. Read an interview with Heather over at her site! THANK YOU HEATHER!

1) You have held a variety of jobs – which job has been your favorite, and why? What would you consider your dream job?
I have definitely held a variety of jobs! Food service (Zaxby’s-twice), secretarial (attorney’s office), receptionist (vet’s office), dental (hyg. assistant), retail (Belk and Christian bookstore), and house cleaning. My favorite by far is food service, low responsibility, and alot of interaction with people.

2) How did your love for cats come about? I got my first cat for my 5th birthday, an orange and white girl that I named Peaches. She was wrapped in a fan box- you know, one of those little oscillating fans. I got to keep her for just a short while before we moved from Oklahoma to Georgia, but I was hooked from then on. Shortly after moving to Georgia, we got two kittens from my aunt and uncle, who had more kittens and the line kept going for many a generation. At one time I had 22 outdoor cats while we lived on the farm (I was around 12)

3) Of the many books that you enjoy, what book would you most like to live in, and why? Well, it’s a toss up between being a Narnian or being a detective in a mystery novel or something of the sort.

4) Your house’s style is constantly evolving. What are your sources for inspiration when it comes to decorating? It used to come from the Perry Salvation Army before it closed about 2 years ago :(. And then I gathered a lot of ideas from HGTV. Now that I have neither of those magnificent sources and am much busier than I used to be, my inspiration so to speak has run dry for the time being, though I am excited about painting my kitchen peacock green in the near future!

5) Describe your ideal vacation. Hmm. I really enjoy camping with friends. I think my favorite vacation thus far was when about 15 of us went to High Falls (or was it Indian Springs?) a few years back. Community meals and sitting around the fire singing and roasting marshmallows with good friends is definitely my idea of a good time. I would also love to visit Greece and Italy because of all of the ancient history there.

If anyone of you would like me to interview you, please e-mail me or leave me a comment below. I’ll look over your blog and then send you 5 questions for you to answer!

Journal entry, Dec 18, 1998

I meant to post it on Dec 18, 2008 (ten years later!) but I forgot.Several months ago while going through my old diary I came across this entry:

“I saw the most wonderful movie tonite! It’s called “You’ve Got Mail” w/ Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks. It is so sweet, so perfect. I went & saw it w/ Kim, Ran & Hea. We had the best time.”

I immediately got my hair cut like Meg Ryan and bought a sweater with a shell under it like she wears several times in the movie, though I could never quite pull it off! At the time we had AOL and I used to IM all the time. It’s so cool to have been a part of the pop culture that is so beautifully conveyed in this great movie.  It’s really special that I saw it for the first time with my best friends, it’s something I will always remember!

Christmas Eve (yes, I know it’s February 11th)

Sorry for the break, I’m not sure what the deal is, just that time of year, I guess.

ANYways, for those of you who do not know, Josh and I have been doing a diet/fast/detox based on Daniel’s 10 day diet (in the Bible). Today was the 10th day of fruits, vegetables, nuts, water and juice and NOTHING ELSE!!! I have been working at Zaxby’s not being able to drink the free cokes and smelling the wonderful chicken that I hand to people but was not able to eat. I have not had a sip of coffee, a bite of meat or even the smallest piece of candy. Let me tell ya, it has been misery. But, the end is in sight! Tomorrow at work (Dr. Sumrall’s) we are celebrating Valentine’s Day by bringing lots of good things to eat and drink and we are planning on eating ALL DAY!!! I told Josh it feels like the night before Christmas! I hope that in my desperate zeal I do not undo all the good that was done by refraining these last 10 days (I really do feel better in general and also lost a couple pounds as a side plus), but who can really blame me if I do? Ahhhhhhh- pasta salad, chocolate fountain, key lime pie, Mt. Dew, various other sinful delights… here I come!!!


Things I’ve heard since I started working at Zaxby’s:

A girl around 5 or 6 years old said to her father: “Why do grown-ups have to sleep together?”. Haha. I did not hear his reply, I wish I had.

A bratty spoiled-looking girl who had applied for a cashier position, gotten the job, and then backed out of it just in time for her first day of work told me: “I couldn’t work here. It’s too hard.” Yeah, she thinks fast food is too hard.

A black man was paying for his food and his change was a penny. He said “Keep the penny. Now that Obama is president, I can do that. When Bush was president, you couldn’t give away s**t.” Um, yeah. I forgot that Obama is gonna make all blacks rich.

You Own My Dream Car

I am coming up on the 10th year anniversary of owning my car, and in “honor” of that occasion, I am giving you a list of the depreciation that has occurred over those 10 years. (I am really hoping that God reads my blog, and either bestows a newer car upon me free of charge, or magically spiffs up my old one. Either one’s fine with me.) If any of you are unhappy with your current mode of transportation, allow me to make you appreciate your vehicle as it should be appreciated.

My car:

-1990 Toyota Corolla (I bought it used in April of 1999 with 34k miles on it, now has 140,661)

-No air conditioning (for 3-4 years now)

-No fan to blow heat or air even if the air compressor would cool air. (for the last 2-3 years)

-Vents are all messed up, some of them won’t open all the way, some of them won’t close.

-Windshield wiper fluid bottle broke off.

-Broken drink holders.

-Driver side window wouldn’t roll up all the way, and now the handle is completely broken off.

-Passenger side window handle is broken.

-Hood prop broken off completely, have to manually prop it open now.

-The ceiling fabric has come completely unglued and is only attached around the edges.

-Interior light is now useless because the fabric falls below it and blocks all of the light.

-Cracked dashboard.

-Big dent on driver side door (in addition to numerous other scratches and dents all over).

-Brake light casing broken.

-Handle on glove box is gone.

-Passenger side black rubber detail stripe came off (just on the front door).

-Passenger side inside door handle was broken,  but Josh fixed that a while back.

Now, it still runs- but thanks only to the fact that I have replaced both the engine and the transmission within the last 5 years.

Don’t get me wrong, I really love my car. And at least I do have one! I just thought I could bring a bit of thanksgiving into your life, kinda like when you see that mangled person at Wal-mart and you remember to thank God for giving you a nice face and all of your limbs.

stuff I read/heard yesterday that brightened my day (not)

1. John Smoltz is signing a $5 million contract (with a possible $5 mil more in bonuses) with the Boston Red Sox after 20 years with the Atlanta Braves. Sad. But I sort of understand wanting to be on a pretty good team one last time.
2. Inauguration day. Is. A. School. Holiday. This. Year. What. The. Bloody. Heck.
3. The porn industry is struggling because of the “recession” too! Larry Flynt asking for a $5 billion bailout. I’m hoping this is a joke, but at least it looks like they are getting less paying business.